Adhibasibrinda-KDLane (Kanai Dhar Lane) represents the multi ethnic, multi cultural and multi religious residents living in and around Kanai Dhar Lane and Surya Sen Street in the heart of central Kolkata. We actively represent and participate in the overall development of our local community. We have been celebrating Durga Puja in the local community for the last 62 years.

Puja 2015     Theme: Monihaari...

We highlighted the ever changing lifestyle from community based village surrounding to fast paced mechanical and scientific life style. Along with reflecting some of the old iconic images, Daaki, Ferriwalah, Monihaari Dhokan around the puja mandap, fast forward to Barbie Doll based Durga protima.

Puja 2014     Theme: Nishabde... Nirbichare...

We highlighted the concerns pertaining to grave dangers of indiscreminate treatments of whale, dolphins and other mammals by civilized countries across the world.

Puja 2016     Theme: Nabanna

Puja 2013     Theme: Is Life Void?

Our universe started from nothing - a Black Hole and again in distant future, is supposed to end in nothing-another Black Hole. Human beings are born with nothing and when we die we melt away into nothingness. Yet in our limited life span, we hanker after money, power, name etc., fight each other, not realizing that while we pass away we can not take with us any material asset. In our degenerated life we never realize the values & beanties of peace, love, nature, empathy, charity etc. This year we like to project this thought.

Puja 2012     Theme: Green Planet

Mayor's Choice Puja Award of Kolkatasree, jointly conferred by Kolkata Municipal Corporation and CESC Limited. We highlighted the concerns pertaining to grave dangers of deforestation and its effects on environment.

Puja 2011     Theme: Phire Cholo Maatir Taane

Telegraph & CESC Limited's prestigious True Spirit Puja Award Winner. We presented the way of life of the people of Jangalmahal. The entire area was decorated with their handicrafts and terracotta work.

Social & Cultural Activities

Spread over every year we take up social upliftment projects Lite Blood Donation Camp, Health Camp, Eye Check up Camp, Distribute Spectacles, Sarees, Blankets to the destitudes. To the needy School Children, we distribute Rain Coat, School Bags, Text Books & Learning Equipments. We do organise Cricket & Football Tournaments from time to time & organise community feasts/picnics to foster oneness within the locality.